Conch Commandments (Race Rules)

  1. All competitors are required to sign a waiver of liability form.  We will do everything in our power to ensure safe conditions.  There will be several boats and a shore patrol monitoring the swim.  The main roads will not be closed to traffic; however, all of the major junctions will be controlled by the Royal Bahamas Police Force who will assist with traffic control in other locations.  All competitors are asked to obey the rules of the road and ride on the extreme left (except where otherwise instructed).  All competitors are expected to be courteous towards each other and avoid reckless behaviour which might lead to accidents.

  2. All competitors will receive a medal of participation.  All competitors should report the Race Packet Center at a venue to be confirmed,  on Thursday and Friday to pick up their race packages and to make sure their entries have been received and are in order.  Please complete all information on the Run ID # Tag.

  3. The Pre-Race Meeting will be held on the Friday before the race at a venue to be confirmed.

  4. Numbering up and race day check-in will be near the transition area at Taino Beach between 6:30 am and 7:30 am. ALL competitors MUST check in during that time (especially to assist with swim safety monitoring).

  5. Swimmers who wish to participate in a ‘wet suit’ will be assessed a time penalty of 10% of their actual swim time.  Swimmers may not use snorkels.

  6. Only competitors (with ID #s) and Officials are allowed in the transition area. There will be water stations in the transition area. Officials will be supervising and monitoring the transition area at all times during the race.  Flow paths, exits and entrances will be clearly marked. Competitors should remember that, unless otherwise marked, they should ride and run on the left. Please refer to the maps. Cyclists will dismount from their bicycles before entering the transition area.

  7. The swim course will be marked with large coloured buoys and will be a triangular course with the longest leg parallel to the beach. The direction of the swim (clockwise or anti-clockwise) will be determined on the morning of the race depending on conditions and will be determined by the race director and BASRA (race safety). The start of the race will be through the two inner buoys, around the outer buoys and return through the inner buoys to exit the water. The Olympic swimmers will swim to the furthest buoy in the East and after going around it will join the Sprint course and finish through the two inner buoys.

  8. The swim start will be in waves at intervals of two minutes and in water at a depth of three feet (or possibly more, depending on conditions).

  9. All swimmers are required to wear the cap given to them in the race package. These caps will assist us with race organisation and (specifically) with safety supervision.

  10. Swimmers who experience trouble should roll on their backs and raise one hand. We will have several safety boats patrolling the swim course.

  11. As of a rule change in 2018 now ALL bike riders are required to wear a helmet.

  12. Bike riders will exit Taino Beach from the eastern entrance (towards the Smith’s Point Village) and turn left onto West Beach Drive. Please remember to stay on the left. Riders follow West Beach Drive over a small bridge until reaching the junction with Midshipman, turn right heading east. Follow Midshipman until reaching the roundabout junction with East Sunrise Highway, go around and head East over Casuarina Bridge to the next roundabout and head back. Cyclists will return following the same route. This is an out and back ride. Return to the transition area will be through the same entrance as the exit at the start. Olympic Bike Riders will turn and repeat the course and only enter Taino Beach on completion of the second circuit.

  13. The bike and run courses will be clearly marked with signs, cones and Volunteers.

  14. Safety marshals will patrol the route. Riders who experience difficulties should flag them down for assistance as necessary.

  15. No pace vehicles or support cars will be allowed on the course. Any violation will lead to immediate DISQUALIFICATION (no exceptions).

  16. There is no rule against drafting; however, the lead rider must agree to allow the pursuer to draft. If there is a disagreement, report it to one of the traffic marshals and an appropriate time penalty will be added to the offender’s overall bike time.

  17. A first aid station will be located at the finish and will be in constant radio communication with the race officials and can reach any point on the course within fifteen minutes.

  18. Bicycles must be clearly marked with ID tags, which you will find in your race packets.

  19. Exit from the transition area for the run at the opposite end through the same gate as the swim entrance. Turn left, heading east through Smith’s Point to St. Jude’s Church, running parallel to the beach. Please run on the left. Turn around and return parallel to the beach towards the Western exit of Taino Beach. Runners will turn left onto West Beach Drive and then left again onto Jolly Roger Drive. Follow Jolly Roger to the turnaround at Bell Chanel roundabout. Return following the same route to the finish on the grass at Taino Beach.

  20. Refreshments will be available at the end of the race.

  21. Presentation of trophies will be made at Taino Beach after completion of all the races at approximately 2:00 pm.

  22. Only Individual Competitors will be eligible for the fastest swim, bike and run awards.

  23. Relay teams must consist of 2 or 3 individuals. There must be a physical hand off between team members by attaching the chip timing device to your ANKLE. An individual participant may participate on a relay team as the swimmer, or swimmer/biker.

  24. We hope you have a fun race and we will be available to answer questions at the Registration Desk or Pre-Race Meeting. 

Good luck to all.