Bahama Paradise Cruise Line offers amazing cruise prizes for GBPA Conchman Triathlon winners


Athletes have even more reason to look forward to the 32nd annual GBPA Conchman Triathlon on November 3rd as Bahama Paradise Cruise Line (BPCL) have come on board as a major sponsor offering a number of cruise prizes.

“We are pleased to announce that Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line have generously given us eight tickets for their two-night, three-day cruise between Palm Beach and Grand Bahama,” said GBPA Conchman Triathlon committee chairman Christopher Baker. “These amazing prizes will be presented to the overall winners of the triathlon’s Sprint and Olympic distances race, both male and female. To make the prizes even more generous each winner will receive two tickets so they can bring along their favourite travel partner!

“We believe that this will provide a real boost to triathletes in the Bahamas and the US to participate in our wonderful event,” he continued. “We are delighted that the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line has agreed to support the event in this very real way. It will be a great incentive to bring triathletes and their families to Grand Bahama for the GBPA Conchman.”

In addition to their support with the magnificent prizes BPCL are also offering all participants who travel on one of their cruises to the event:

  • Free carriage of their bike if they book a cabin, otherwise a charge of just $25.

  • A 20% discount on the regular price if they book a cabin.

Christopher Baker added that he expects to see overseas numbers grow this year. “This has really made it attractive for triathletes to come and take part, especially for those living in Florida. Thanks to BPCL for making this another reason to participate in this wonderful event, now in its 32nd year,” he concluded.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line sails daily from Palm Beach and Freeport. Learn more and book on

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